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Infrared Thermographic Solar Field Inspection Services

Large solar farms are growing in popularity as our country continues exploring alternative energy sources. Of the alternative energy sources today, solar has proven to be the most productive and profitable to date. Our drone equipment can efficiently perform thermal and visible inspections documenting the present conditions of solar panels throughout the country. We are often asked to complete solar field inspections to ensure a newly constructed field is fully operational and working properly, inspect wind turbine blades and solar panels for storm and hail damage, and study solar panels for failing cells. The use of drones to complete these tasks is incredibly efficient and cost-effective compared to alternative inspection methods. Our team is capable of inspecting thousands of acres worth of panels and turbines in a few days.

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Like any asset, you must take control of your newly installed solar field in fully functional and working order. Even after you take full control, it is imperative to perform routine inspections to ensure the field is operating to produce the highest output efficiency possible. If you can identify small faults before they become major issues, not only are you staying ahead of the game by keeping revenue coming in but a small repair that could cost only a few thousand dollars can quickly become substantially more expensive.

Our goal is to efficiently and cost-effectively help you manage and maintain your solar field by providing you with a visual map showing the present condition of the entire field. Our report will map out where issues are observed, helping you efficiently strategize performing field maintenance and physical inspections. This process will help to ensure all known issues in the field are known and addressed.

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Newly Commissioned Solar Field Inspections

Whether you are receiving or passing off a newly commissioned solar field to the client, ensure the system is operating correctly before taking or passing off full control to the owner. Performing the first inspection at this stage presents several benefits. If there are any issues, it is important to know about them. The asset is expected to be delivered 100% operational and things happen. In many cases, you may not know there is an issue without the use of thermal imaging to identify it. By performing a thermal solar panel inspection immediately after the field has been commissioned, it allows us to gather a baseline data set. This inspection gives us comparable data from when the field was fully operational to study future panel conditions from ongoing preventative maintenance inspections. Understand what the field should look like in its fully operational condition with new and healthy panels is imperative.

Routine Mainenance Inspections

Now that we have a baseline inspection completed, it is time to consider ongoing maintenance inspections. These panels are exposed to mother nature and her harsh elements day in and day out. It is safe to assume that over time, problems will arise in the solar farm just from normal use, let alone hail or wind storm damage. Through a routine inspection program, you can stay ahead of these concerns. The cost to stay ahead of maintenance concerns far outweighs the potential loss of revenue by neglecting maintenance over time. In the event a string of panels goes out without knowing it, it can cost you thousands in lost revenue. Our goal is to help you mitigate that risk and ensure your solar farm continues bringing in as much revenue as possible.

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