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Thermal Imaging | Visible Imagings

IR Aerials is a leader in deploying drone technology to help perform structural and infrastructure inspections and surveys. We deploy nothing but the best in today’s UAV technology in an effort to provide you with the highest quality documentation of property conditions while saving you both time and money. We routinely work with architects, engineers, construction companies, roofing companies, utilities and energy providers, commercial property owners, apartment complexes, and many more. We provide services inspecting roofs, facades, capturing construction progress photos, aerial mapping, wildlife surveys, wind turbine inspections, and much more throughout the entire country. Give us a call today at (214) 842-6000 to learn about our services and how drone technology could benefit your business!

Commercial Thermal Roof Inspections

IR Aerials provides detailed moisture mapping inspection services on commercial roof structures using drones (UAV’s) with thermal and visible imagers, moisture meters, and moisture probes throughout the Allen, Texas area. Our goal is to provide you with a good visual representation of the extent of moisture damage in your through non-destructive and minimally invasive testing methods. We regularly inspect new and old Mod-Bit, Gravel BUR, TPO, EPDM, and other roof structures to identify moisture within the roof structure. Our process delivers a great visual representation of where moisture exists and calculates how much damage is present. Once moisture is tested and confirmed, we can mark the roof accordingly and process a detailed report.

Commercial Facade Inspections

We deploy drones with infrared and visible imagers to document and survey walls and facade structures for suspected moisture intrusion and observe external conditions throughout the Allen, Texas area. A thermal facade inspection is effective on concrete masonry, stucco, block walls, and other structures. Through high-resolution visible (RGB) imaging, our drones are capable of documenting in detail sealant, grout, window, caulk, and other structural conditions. The resolution allows us to see and photograph hairline cracks and openings in facade structures. We can identify where we suspect moisture to be present within the walls through thermal imaging and highlight those areas for further testing to validate our findings.

Solar Farm Inspections


Large solar farm operations are growing in popularity as our country continues exploring alternative energy sources. Our drone equipment can efficiently perform thermal and visible inspections documenting the present conditions of large solar fields throughout Texas, Florida, and the United States. We are often asked to complete solar field inspections to ensure a newly constructed field is fully operational and working properly, inspect wind turbine blades and solar panels for storm and hail damage, and study solar panels for failing cells. The use of drones to complete these tasks is incredibly efficient and cost-effective compared to alternative inspection methods. Our team is capable of inspecting thousands of acres worth of panels in just a few days.

Bridge & Roadway Inspections

Our team specializes in deploying drones to help DOT’s and Engineering firms document road and bridge structures in the Allen and North Texas area. We can provide services inspecting bridge decks and roadways for de-laminations using thermal imaging, inspecting bearing pads, and documenting the undersides of bridges over waterways. Our team is highly skilled to be able to fly in tight spaces and difficult conditions. Our drone fleet is equipped with custom-built cages to protect the drones from close-quarters operations. Our goal is to replace the need to rent difficult-to-schedule sniffer trucks and reduce costs by expediting inspection processes, reducing or eliminating the need for lane closure times.

Drone Thermal Wildlife Surveys

Utilizing drones with thermal imagers is an ideal resource for effectively performing wildlife surveys for properties in North Texas. Our process is unique as it does not disturb the wildlife allowing us to more accurately count the total number of deer on the property and allows us to efficiently survey thousands of acres. Using thermal imaging at night helps us to make sure we don’t miss even the most concealed deer hiding in densely wooded areas. Not only do you get a more accurate population count, but you get a more valuable deliverable as we video the entire inspection process for detailed review and analysis from the office. We work all over the country with both government and private entities providing more accurate data on wildlife populations.

Other Inspection Services


Our drone-based inspection capabilities go beyond the list of services you see here. Our technology is capable of capturing visible (RGB) imagery with a minimum resolution of 20MP and 4k video footage. Our thermal imaging resolution capability is radiometric 640×512. With our diverse drone fleet, we can help with a number of different types of inspection services such as wind turbines, communication towers, aerial mapping, oil and gas, electrical, utility, and much more. Whether you are in need of detailed documentation or analysis, we can help. Our ability to put together a team that meets your regional needs has the potential to save thousands of dollars on travel expenses.

IR Aerials provides services for various companies throughout the country.

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