Commercial Roof Maintenance Program

IR Aerials continues to find ways to provide value to commercial property owners throughout the United States. Thus, our commercial roof maintenance program is born. If you are a property manager who strives to implement proactive maintenance programs to keep ahead of major problems on commercial buildings, then this could be just what you are looking for to help you with low slopes and flat roof structures.
Our goal is simple. We want to provide you with better roof condition assessments on a routine basis and connect you with the right people to help remedy the problems we identify. Our reporting process gives you a good visual understanding of what is going on with your roof and helps us know how to advise performing repair or replacement at a budget that works best for you.
We know traditional roof maintenance programs can be frustrating and uninformative. You pay a set amount every year, get an inspection that doesn’t give you much information, and pay a cost for repairs whether any were performed or not. So why pay for something you are not getting a full benefit from?
We only charge for services performed connecting you with quality and preferred roofing contractors that regularly work on those types of roof structures. You pay for repairs performed and we give you peace of mind in knowing the job was done right.

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Step 1: Perform a Moisture Survey and Inspect the Roof for Observed Damages and Concerns

The first step in our process is to complete a thermal roof scan to identify if we suspect and moisture to be present in the roof. Where the is moisture, there is bound to be an opening somewhere. We then get on the roof to validate that moisture through non-destructive moisture testing and study for where the moisture could be getting in the structure. If openings are observed, the roof will be marked for repairs.

Step 2: Bring in a Preferred Contractor to Perform Repairs on an as Needed Cost Basis.

When damages are observed and reported on, you need to get them fixed before small problems get out of control. Not only is it better for the longevity of your investment, but it is also required that you maintain the roof for warranty purposes. Rather than paying for repairs you don’t need on an annual basis, you are only charged for what needs to be done and our job is to help ensure it gets done right.

Step 3: Perform Final Non-Destructive Inspection Documenting Repairs Completed

Once the repairs have been completed, our team will do a final assessment of the roof’s condition, ensuring the repairs were done properly. Once everything is completed, we will perform the same tests on the repair areas providing you with detailed documentation of the present condition of the roof. Keeping good records provides substantial value in helping you process insurance claims and keep up your warranty requirements.

How else can this service benefit me?

Having a proactive maintenance program on a roof looks great to an insurance company looking to insure your building. Having historical information as to the condition of the roof before a natural disaster that causes damage to your property can only help you present your case to the carrier. Sharing historical data and giving them a condition report post the storm or event correlates the present damage effectively and efficiently to the insurance company from the storm.
When you get a new roof installed, manufacturers often require you to perform routine maintenance to ensure your new roof lives its life expectancy.
Maintaining your asset proactively can only help the value of the property when it’s time to sell. The roof condition obviously plays a huge part in the value of a building as it can be a huge expense to repair problems on a neglected roof or go through a full replacement. Showing someone routine maintenance evidence shows prospective buyers that you were on your A-game when it comes to managing the building.

IR Aerials provides commercial roof maintenance programs for various companies throughout the country.

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