Thermal imaging is one step in the process of inspecting and understanding the condition of a roof. The concept is simple in the sense that we are only identifying where we suspect moisture to be. Once the anomalies are identified and highlighted, the physical inspection work begins. This project was completed with a roofing contractor for the property owner interested in looking into some maintenance concerns on the roof. This roof is comprised of 3 different materials including shingle, TPO, and Modified Bitumen but we were asked to only inspect the TPO.


The total size of the TPO portion of the roof is 6,766 square feet. The only areas we observed any anomalies that reflected suspected moisture were near the AC units on the rooftop. 9 areas were identified totaling 372 square feet of suspected moisture. Upon completion, the roofing contractor went on the roof to perform further physical testing to validate those findings. They were able to identify the causation for the leaks and properly quote the client for the cost to perform repairs including replacing the wet portions of the roof and repairing the opening.


The data collected presents a good visual representation as to the condition of the roof. Rather than the property owner receiving a package that includes speculations, they receive a detailed and accurate assessment that provides them with the necessary information to make an educated decision on pursuing repairs. The process also provides accountability to help ensure the roof will be properly repaired.


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