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Providing Drone Based Facade Inspection Services

Drones have proven to be an invaluable resource for helping to inspect and document wall and window conditions on commercial buildings. Implementing this tool into your practice enables you to present a substantial time and cost savings to your client, further bringing value to their situation. By using drones with high resolution thermal imagers and zoom capable visible cameras, we can help you observe suspected moisture, inspect caulk and sealant conditions, observe stucco conditions in great detail, study grout conditions, perform energy loss surveys and much more without having to spend unnecessary time and money renting lifts, scaffolding or swing stages.

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Thermal Imaging

From Concrete Masonry (CMU) to Exterior Insulation & Finish Systems (EIFS), thermal imaging is capable of helping to understand facade conditions by observing suspected moisture and studying energy loss. Thermal imaging is capable of providing value at any point between the construction process to well into the structures useful life.

The purpose of an infrared inspection of a buildings facade structure is to locate and document abnormal thermal patterns that can indicate problems. Conductive exceptions observed often indicate insufficient, improperly installed, damaged or water-saturated insulation and/or structural components. Convective exceptions are usually caused by cracks and holes that permit the controlled movement of air across the building envelope. Applicable constructions include insulated building side walls, EIFS, and other building finishes which can absorb moisture.

Energy loss due to missing, damaged or misapplied insulation or air leakage is commonly observed by thermal imaging. These inspections are commonly completed from the interior and exterior of the building, depending on what needs to be observed. Completing the surveys will help identify missing or poorly installed insulation and observe possible openings in the air barrier. The observations studied are considered suspect until further validated through further physical inspection.

Infrared inspections can be conducted to detect evidence of latent moisture within building materials. While these thermal inspections are commonly conducted on the interior or exterior, we typically survey from the exterior after the walls have undergone solar loading. The moisture in the structure will often cause a temperature chance because it has more mass than the surrounding dry structure. I always recommend further testing on anomalies to confirm moisture where we suspect it.

Interested in learning more about some projects we have been involved with deploying drones to inspect facade structures? Check out some of our recent work!

Visible Imaging

Capturing RGB (visible images) documenting the exterior condition of the facade is a crucial step in the thermal inspection process, but also provides substantial value in documenting and studying exterior conditions. With a good understanding of exactly what needs to be studied and observed on the building, we can put together a flight plan that allows us to review those areas in sufficient detail. We organize our documentation process by proposed drops off the buildings, making it easy to take our data set and perform physical inspections or make repairs based on the observations.

I have seen it time and time again. If a building is not setup for proper safe access to inspect a building after storm damage is experienced, utilizing drone technology can substantially expedite the entire process, saving a lot of time and money. One project we were involved with out of Dallas, TX was a 3 tower building that got hit by a wind storm causing substantial building envelope damage. We were brought out to perform our drone inspection within 24 hours from the weather event. Our immediate involvement and partnership with the consulting group and contractor helped see this project to completion within just 9 months from the date of the storm. The process involved inspecting conditions, writing up specs and estimating costs for repairs, completing the insurance claim, and completing the remediation work through to completion.

We can capture as high of resolution as necessary to complete a job effectively. Our imagers are capable of documenting in 20mp resolution or higher and are capable of zooming in close to the structure to see more detail when issues are observed in the field.

The images referenced here are examples from a project we completed in downtown Dallas, TX. The purpose of the project was to capture detailed aerial images of the entire facade of the building to hold accountable the contractor to fulfilling their obligations to repair the facade structure. The image on the left is the entire front face of the building. We captured roughly 1,000 images of this whole face. The images needed to be systematically organized so you know where on the building your viewing problems. The lower left image shows our organization structure. The image number is referenced in red. The referenced red square represents the larger image in the middle below while the image on the right shows the resolution and quality you can study from the images captured. As you can see, a 20mp picture captured roughly 10′ away from the building produces a high resolution image capable of seeing great detail.


Where We Work

We have offices in Lakeland, FL and Dallas, TX. We regularly work throughout the country with the bulk of our work being in Texas and Florida. We currently service Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Ft Myers, Tampa Bay, Orlando, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Corpus Christi and more.


Services We Provide

  • High resolution aerial imaging for documenting the exterior condition of both residential and commercial roof structures.
  • Organize the often thousands of images into a useful structure that correlates a zoomed in image or observed damage with its exact location on the building.
  • Thermal Imaging: Utilizing the DJI Matrice 210 paired with the Zenmuse XT 640R and X4S, we can capture high resolution aerial thermal and visible images for inspection purposes.  We capture thermal images at 640x 512 and visible images are 20mp. We capture both types of images from directly overhead at a high elevation and zoomed in on different sections of the roof. We also capture obliques from every side and corner of the building to ensure you can review every angle of the roof from the images captures.
  • Process detailed reports that review our visual observations and identify suspected moisture within the structure.
  • Roof Measurement Reports : No matter how simple or complex your roof is, we can process a detailed measurement and annotations report providing you with total square footage,  coping cap lengths, eaves, rakes, ridges, hips, pitches and much more. This data and information can help you consider replacement costs in correlation with the tangible evidence provided in our detailed reporting.

How You Can Benefit From This Service

  • Get detailed high resolution documentation of property damage immediately after a storm for insurance claims.
  • See what your eyes cannot and get a good visual representation of the extent of damages while identifying where moisture is present in a roof system.
  • Reduce liability by gathering detailed images of walls and windows to help you visually review facade conditions without spending time and money to get hands on yet by using drones.
  • Observe hairline fractures, small cracks and openings in sealants, grout and other important elements that keep water out of your building through high resolution visible imaging.
  • Save time and operate much more efficiently by knowing where you need to spend your time on the roof from reviewing the detailed images taken on a roof before ever stepping foot on the roof.

IR Aerials provides roof inspection services for various companies throughout the country.

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