Who We Are

Striving for Excellence In Everything We Do

IR Aerials is a DBA of Tarillo Vue, LLC, our creative side of the drone services industry. The company was started by Jeff Carrillo in 2015 with a vision to deploy drone technology for various companies and industries to a competitive advantage. We started originally to capture unique marketing content and quickly evolved into doing more inspection and industrial related work. Today, inspection related services are our bread and butter and it fits us well. IR Aerials exists today to serve the commercial roof and facade industries by providing non-destructive moisture testing.

Our Drone Fleet

DJI Matrice 200

Aerial Mapping

Thermal Roof Scans

Wildlife Surveys

Facade Surveys

DJI Matrice 210

Aerial Mapping

Thermal Roof Scans

Wildlife Surveys

Bridge Surveys

DJI Inspire 2

Aerial Mapping

Aerial Photography

Aerial Videography

Facade Surveys

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Indoor Flying

Aerial Photo Video

Bridge Surveys

Facade Surveys

Mission Statement

Striving to deploy the latest in todays technology for the purpose of providing accurate nondestructive moisture surveys on commercial roof and wall structures.

Professional Associations

How are we different?

Simply put, we care. Our goal is to do whatever it takes to ensure you find value in the services we offer. We go above and beyond to help you deploy technology to a competitive advantage and an affordable price. If we dont know something, we love learning new things. We aren’t perfect and we know that. If something isn’t right, we do what ever it takes to get the job done right and deliver a product that provides a tangible value.


It’s important to note that the team at IR Aerials isn’t a bunch of college kids with drones and some spare time (a common misconception in this growing industry). We have the licensing, certification, training and experience that other businesses (from smaller companies to larger corporations) rely on when they need overhead images and video to help them solve real business problems.


The might include ranchers who need help finding missing cattle. Or commercial roofing companies who are looking to save time and man hours on rooftop progress and inspections. Or utility companies who require documentation of a leaking pipeline. The reality is, the commercial applications are endless.


If your not learning, your not growing. We value continuing to learn about the industries we serve in an effort to provide you with drone services that will actually solve existing problems. Our goal is not to replace existing inspection practices or methods, but to provide an alternative resource to document present structural conditions efficiently and cost effectively when alternative methods dont make sense for the situation. We are always exploring new ways we can deploy drone technology to provide you with the most value for your specific need.

Statement of Values

We hope to become a leader in the drone services industry through ethical business practice where we abide by federal and state drone regulations, are honest, go above and beyond for our customer, leverage the latest in UAV technology, be real, be accountable and be committed.

 Common Questions You Should Ask a Drone Operator

What kind of experience do you have and does it match the services I need?

We have 5 plus years of experience in interpreting thermal images for the purpose of identifying suspected moisture in commercial building envelope structures and performing moisture meter testing to help confirm those areas are wet. We have experience working with FLIR infrared camera equipment, FLIR moisture meters and TRAMEX moisture meters.

Is your team certified, licensed and insured?

Absolutely! Our team holds and maintains a thermographers certification, drone pilots license, is fully insured and follows ASTM standards for thermal imaging and moisture meter testing on commercial buildings. If you select a contractor who does not meeting these requirements, you risk the result of poorly interpreted results and assume risky liability in the event something goes wrong.

Can we see examples of your work?

We love sharing the type of work we are involved with! Click here to check out some of our most recent work. We try to share a little information about the result of each project to help educate the industries we work with on how our services can benefit them.

Do you only use drones?

While drone technology is a big part of our inspection process, we utilize a lot of other equipment and gear to complete the moisture mapping process. Every situation is different and calls for its own resources to complete the job right. In addition to our thermal and visible imagers on the drone, we use hand held thermal cameras and moisture meters to complete our work.

Can you provide expert reports on the thermal images captured and can you act as expert witnesses on your reports?

We rarely will perform a thermal scan without providing a report. If you are not a certified thermographer, you run the risk of misinterpretation of the images captured and that creates liability for both of us. We know the science behind making this technology work and am certified to speak to the validity of our reports in a court setting when necessary.

How can thermal imaging help me?

Our goal is to identify suspected moisture in commercial roofs and walls. Through our process, we calculate how much is present.

  • If you have a 100,000 sq’ roof and know there is 5,000 sq’ of moisture damage in the roof, then you can provide specific numbers to your client so they know the cost difference between fixing the problem properly compared to doing a full replacement.
  • Ensure a roof is dry to meet manufacturer specifications when considering to a roof over to get the maximum warranty available.
  • Visually see and understand the extent of damage in roofs and walls.
  • Help process insurance claims.

Where all can you provide thermal imaging and moisture mapping services?

We regularly work all over the country! While home for us is in Lakeland, Fl and Dallas, TX, with most of our work between Florida and Texas, we regularly travel to Louisiana, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and many other states.

How fast can you get to new projects once contracted?

Once we have a formal agreement in place, we strive to be onsite within 5-10 business days from that date. Our goal is to meet your needs as quickly and efficiently as humanly possible. Our ability to be onsite quickly is based on the location and weather conditions. If we need FAA authorization, this must be approved before we can deploy. For this technology to work, we must have mostly sunny conditions with low winds, a good amount of temperature change throughout the day and no rain in the forecast for atlas 48 hours prior to deployment.