Commercial Building Envelope Moisture Intrusion Inspections

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Commercial Building Envelope Moisture Testing

IR Aerials provides non-destructive moisture testing on commercial building envelope structures providing companies with a comprehensive understanding of the extent of damage that exists within structures. Our inspection and reporting process is thorough, providing you with a detailed visual representation as to the structures condition that is not often observed from the exterior or seen by the naked eye. Whether you are processing an insurance claim, performing routine maintenance or considering repair/ replacement options, this service can prove to be invaluable. We work all over the country and have home offices located in Dallas, TX and Lakeland, FL.

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Commercial Roof Moisture Inspections

We perform non-destructive and minimally invasive moisture testing on commercial roof structures to help provide a detailed assessment of a roofs condition beyond what is visible from the exterior.

Drone Facade Surveys

Using both visible and thermal imaging, we can help determine the extent of moisture damage in wall structures from external opening.s

We provide a “one-call solution” for companies who need to be more operationally efficient and who want to utilize drone technology to a competitive advantage. Drone imagery can save valuable time and money, reduce potential workplace injuries, increase accuracy and provide better documentation.

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Leader In Drone Inspection Services

Our job at IR Aerials is not to just fly drones. We exist to take this “cool” technology and make it an invaluable asset across various industries for various types of companies throughout the country. Our drones come equipped with zoom capable cameras capable of capturing 21mp visible images and radiometric thermal images at a resolution of 640×512. We designed a cage to go around one of our drones to allow us to safely operate in incredibly tight places. Our bigger drones have zoom capable cameras that allow us to capture the slightest details while keeping a safe distance from the structure being inspected. We rarely recommend deploying drones as a stand alone inspection tool. This technology is best served in correlation with other inspection methods currently used in your respective industries today.

Technological Capabilities

The technology we work with today is the highest quality available on the market. Using

visible imaging, we have the ability to identify hairline fractures, hail dents and damage, openings in failing sealants and grout, observe dislodged stone or masonry, document wind damage, identify where suspected moisture exists in certain facade and roof structures, determine if bearing pads are displaced, provide aerial maps with a 1-5cm of relative accuracy and more. Thermal imaging allows us to identify where we suspect moisture to be present in building envelopes. Once we have identify where we suspect moisture, we then can perform physical testing such as core samples, moisture probe tests and non- destructive moisture meter tests to confirm the presence of moisture. Once this data is correlated with the opening that is allowing moisture to get in, the condition of a roof or structure can be very difficult to argue with.


Who We Work With

We routinely work with Lawyers, Public Insurance Adjusters, Insurance Companies, Roofing Companies, Building Envelope and Roofing Consultants, Contractors, Engineers, Architects, Department of Transportation, Commercial Property Owners, Land and Ranch Owners, Wind Turbine Companies and much more.

“What a treat to have amazing aerial footage and great service! Jeff is so kind and willing to work with you on whatever type of shots you might need. You can tell he loves flying his drone and is excited just to be outside and doing what he loves! The shots were very high quality, stable, and clear! Can’t wait to use him again!”

-Carley White, Park Cities Presbyterian Church

Why Choose IR Aerials for Your Aerial Inspection Needs?

We understand your needs as a business and know how to make drone technology become an invaluable asset to be added to your tool belt. Our team is dedicated to providing you value on every project and will go above and beyond to do so. This is a young industry and we are human, we are prone to make mistakes. But its what you do with those mistakes that can set you apart from the pack.


Here at IR Aerials, we care. You are not just another project to us. We value the opportunity to work with every one of our clients. Our goal is to provide you with tangible value, not just be another expense on the books. If you ever have an issue or are unhappy with our deliverables, we will do everything we can to make sure the job gets done right, no matter what it takes.

We understand your business needs for deploying drones and other aerial applications to a competitive advantage. Yes, drones do a lot of really cool things, but that is not a good enough reason to  take advantage of the technology. Every business needs to look at what they spend money on and ask what value it brings. We help you understand the value aerial imaging will or will not bring to a particular situation or company. A lot of what we provide saves the end client a lot of time and money on projects in spite of the cost associated with deploying this technology.


IR Aerials operates legally and is fully insured. This is incredibly important. Not only do we have federal regulations to abide by, but there are now state drone regulations in place regulating privacy concerns and what you can or cannot document. You need to protect your clients from liability. In the event something goes wrong and the drone crashes causing damage or injury, you will want to make sure the operator you hired meets those requirements. We cary $1mil in liability to protect you no matter what happens.

What are the benefits of working with us?

Our company exists because other companies are continually seeking solutions for their businesses, some of which include:

  • Nationwide Service
  • Operational efficiency
  • Property surveillance
  • Cost containment
  • Employee safety
  • Management of man hours
  • Engagement of new technologies
  • Greater precision on menial tasks