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Commercial Building Envelope Moisture Testing

IR Aerials is a leader in thermal commercial building inspections. Our service offerings go beyond just providing infrared surveys as we strive to give you a comprehensive understanding of your commercial roof or facade’s condition. In addition to thermal imaging, we offer non-destructive moisture meter testing, moisture probe testing and exterior visual studies observing for openings that would allow moisture to penetrate the structure. When our process is completed, our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive understand of your roof or facades condition whether you are processing an insurance claim, performing routine maintenance, considering repair/ replacement options or for manufacturer warranty purposes. Many of our routine clients find this service proves to be invaluable. Our team is based out of Lakeland, FL and Dallas, TX as we provide these inspection services throughout the country for our clients. We regularly serve communities in Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and more.

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Commercial Thermal Roof Inspections

IR Aerials provides detailed moisture mapping inspection services on commercial roof structures using drones (UAV’s) with thermal and visible imagers, moisture meters and moisture probes. Our goal is to provide you with a good visual representation of the extent of moisture damage in your through non-destructive and minimally invasive testing methods. We regularly inspect new and old Mod-Bit, Gravel BUR, TPO, EPDM and other roof structures for the purpose of identifying moisture within the roof structure. Our process delivers a great visual representation of where moisture exists and calculates how much damage is present. Once moisture is tested and confirmed, we can mark the roof accordingly and process a detailed report.

Commercial Roof Maintenance Program

Our infrared based commercial roof maintenance programs provide you with useful information to help you see and visually understand roof damages, know  how much damage exists beyond what can be observed from the exterior, get precise repair estimates, hold contractors accountable to properly repairing damages and build a historical log for insurance purposes. Why spend thousands of dollars on maintenance programs that only produce a marginal inspection of the roof every year? Our program efficiently and cost effectively helps you understand property conditions and expedites the inspection process without having to spend money on repairs that never happened in the first place.

Commercial Facade Thermal Scans

We deploy drones with infrared and visible imagers to document and survey walls and facade structures for suspected moisture intrusion and observe external conditions. A thermal facade inspection is effective on concrete masonry, stucco, block walls and other structures. Through hight resolution visible (RGB) imaging, our drones are capable of documenting in detail sealant, grout, window, caulk and other structural conditions. The resolution allows us to see and photograph hairline cracks and openings in facade structures. Through thermal imaging, we are able to identify where we suspect moisture to be present within the walls and highlight those areas for further testing to validate our findings.

Learn how drones with thermal and visible imagers can help you understand commercial roof and wall conditions quickly, efficiently and cost effectively through non-destructive testing.

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How It Works

In order to complete a thermal scan that produces valuable results, you have to understand the science behind the concept and know the technological capabilities of the equipment being used. Factors such as weather and known construction play a crucial role in interpreting the data collected from a thermal imaging inspection.
“Thermal Imaging” is defined as the technique of using the heat given off by an object to produce an image of it or to locate it. Simply put, when we take an infrared image of a structure, we are simply documenting the surface temperatures of that object. Every building we inspect produces different results. Even if 2 buildings right next to each other are constructed the same, experiencing nearly the same elements mother nature throws at it, they can still produce much different results.
ASTM International produces standards and publications for inspection processes and procedures for professionals to follow in the field to achieve the best possible results from the inspection process. We follow ASTM standards when it comes to thermal imaging (C1153-10), moisture probe testing and moisture meter testing (D7877-14) to provide you with consistency in our deliverables.
Thermal imaging is a powerful resource for helping to understand the extent of moisture damage within a commercial roof or facade visually. Our philosophy is unique. I believe an infrared thermographic survey is a tool that can provide value on every inspection project, but should rarely be used as a stand alone inspection resource. When we get involved in an inspection in the early phases, we recommend the thermal imaging inspection to be completed first to identify where we suspect the presence of moisture. The next steps should be to perform further destructive and non-destructive testing to validate whether or not the areas are wet that are suspect and understand the construction.
We have an array of equipment and technology to help identify and validate moisture in flat or low sloped roofs and walls. For large commercial roof structures and walls we deploy DJI Matrice 200 and 210 series drones with Zenmuse XT 640R and X5S cameras. We can perform thermographic roof surveys at a much more efficient rate than traditional hand held survey methods. Our hand held thermal imagers for doing on roof inspections provide the highest resolution available on the market today. The Tramex RWS is a high quality non-destructive moisture meter designed to detect moisture in roofs and walls. When we need to perform minimally invasive destructive testing, we deploy a Flir MR77 to perform moisture probe testing, moisture meter testing, temperature testing and moisture/ humidity testing. For projects contracted for maintenance purposes, we provide services marking the roof where we observe moisture damage so the areas can be easily located on the roof.

Why Choose IR Aerials for Your Aerial Inspection Needs?

Our team is comprised of highly skilled and experienced UAV pilots and thermographers. While our primary in house service offerings include moisture mapping of commercial and roof facade structures, we have a network with a plethora of experience and expertise to help you consider and further explore the results from our surveys. Our goal is to help you at any point in the process of understanding conditions to full repair or replacement.

We are constantly pursuing educational opportunities to learn as much as we can about the industries we serve. The world is a constant revolving door of change. If you can’t stay up with the times, you can quickly become irrelevant. In an effort to provide the best service possible, we are constantly working to keep ahead of the technological curve in the industry as we provide drone based inspection services.

Industries & Markets Served

We routinely work with Commercial Property Owners, Lawyers, Insurance Adjusters, Public Insurance Adjusters, Insurance Carriers, Commercial Roofing Companies, Building Envelope and Roofing Consultants, Contractors, Engineers, Architects, Department of Transportation and much more. We provide commercial moisture mapping services in the Dallas Ft Worth, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio areas of Texas. In Florida, we serve the Tampa Bay, Orlando, Ft Lauderdale, Miami, Gainesville, Tallahassee, and Jacksonville communities.